SaturnOS experimental DOS shell and system IMPORTANT NEWS!!! READ BELOW!!!!!

Welcome to SaturnOS. SaturnOS is an experimental 'shell' for computers running the DOS operating system. In the end, it will evolve into a fully functioning system. Forums Wiki (coming soon...)

Download SaturnOS!

You can download the latest version of SaturnOS here.
Current versions
CBase (Command.COM substitution): (testing, stable)
GooBox (graphical interface): Still under development
Byte-O-Matic (file manager): Still under development
Installation program: Still under development


SaturnOS, in its next release, will no longer depend on DOS to run. Yes, we're getting our own kernel. A Help Wanted notice has been posted, and if you can program assembler, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!!

The new kernel:


You can contribute in any way you see fit. You can download source code, modify it and then send it to me at PLEASE ONLY SEND SOURCE CODE, NOT BINARIES. If you can't program, you can help by downloading SaturnOS and telling your friends about it.
SaturnOS is still in the early stages of development. We're still playing, experimenting and fiddling here. In fact, we're so new we don't even have a logo yet.


Please send your answers, source and suggestions to

Logo competition

If you can do digital art, then PLEASE get involved in the SaturnOS logo competition! Submit a logo that can be used on the SaturnOS site and in boot screens as a PNG file to (please include your postal address, no PO boxes please - anyone not adhering this criterion will have their entry invalidated). You will retain all rights to your file, but must release it into the public domain. The winner will recieve a certificate, copy of SaturnOS on floppy diskette bearing their logo, the suite SaturnOS uses for development, and printed documentation. The competition is open to anyone in the UK or United States of America. Sadly, I have had to momentarily postpone the logo competition to reorganise prizes, rules and guidelines. The competition will resume shortly. LogoDocument made with Nvu